How To Spot Emerging Video Trends Before They Go Viral

From the cinnamon challenge to the invention of slime, video trends have defined different eras of YouTube since the platform’s beginning. Oftentimes, creators who jump on these trends early are able to grow their channels immensely when their versions of the trend go viral.

The best way to grow your channel through video trends is to stay ahead of those trends. Here are a few ways to spot video trends before they go viral.

Watch the trending page for unique videos.

As a content creator, you need to know your market. For you, watching the trending page is like an up-and-coming musician watching the Billboard Hot 100 to see what songs are popular. YouTube’s trending page shows you exactly which videos people all over the world are loving in that very moment.

You should check the trending page multiple times a day. While you can learn from watching the creators who seem to live on the trending page, you should pay special attention to any unique outliers. A viral video that seems out-of-the-box is well on its way to starting a video trend.

Stay on the lookout for unique trending videos from your niche especially. For example, if you’re a beauty vlogger, you might look out for “full face using only” videos or “trying this weird kind of product” videos. If you’re a gamer, then you might look for new challenges people are taking with your favorite game.

Keep an eye on the Creator on the Rise section.

YouTube introduced the Creator on the Rise section to the trending page in order to highlight emerging creators. Each chosen channel is featured in a special section on the trending page for twenty-four hours. Different creators are chosen on international and local levels.

No matter the size of your channel, you should keep an eye on the Creator on the Rise section. When a creator is featured, their videos rise in views. You should study their channel because one of their latest uploads may become the next video trend.

Whenever you check out the Creator on the Rise, you again, once again, pay special attention to unique videos. Sort their videos by most popular to see if one upload is getting a lot more views than their typical uploads. A video like this could also be an upcoming trend.

Take note of video ideas you see multiple creators repeating.

Sometimes, when one creator has an especially good video idea, other creators who subscribe to them decide to copy it. Then, creators who see those videos decide to repeat it for themselves. Before long, you may see the same video idea repeated three or four times on your subscription feed over the span of just a few weeks.

Whenever you see a video idea that multiple creators are repeating, you should hop on the bandwagon. This video idea is likely to become a big trend, especially if it’s being repeated by prominent creators. The bigger the channels uploading similar videos are, the more of a reach the potential trend has.

When you make your own version of that video idea, be sure to credit the creator who originated it. You may have to watch back several of the videos or do a search to find the original creator, but giving credit where credit is due will help protect you from accusations of stealing the idea. You might even link the original creator’s video in your video’s description.

Partake in any challenge an influential creator invents.

As a YouTuber yourself, you’re likely subscribed to several influential creators who inspired you to get started. You might also be subscribed to creators who are especially influential within your content niche. Sometimes, you might see one of these creators invent their own challenge, and that is a video idea you should jump on immediately.

Similar to the previously mentioned video ideas being repeated by multiple prominent creators, you should be sure to credit the creator who originated the idea. However, because this idea was started by a widely recognized creator, you can include their name in your video title. You could also put their picture on your thumbnail or tag them when you share the video on social media.

You should also encourage your viewers to share your video with the creator who invented the challenge. Have them suggest the challenge to other creators they watch as well. You could even end your video by calling out a few of your creator friends to take the challenge themselves.

In order to spot emerging video trends, you need to watch the trending page vigilantly. Keep an eye out for unique video ideas and new challenges within your content niche.

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