How To Narrow Down Your Perfect Content Niche

YouTube is oversaturated with an endless stream of content. On such a crowded platform, niche content is the best way to grow. The more unique your channel is, the less competition you’ll have for viewers’ attention. Even if you’ve already been on YouTube for awhile, it’s never too late to narrow down your content niche.

Here’s how to narrow down a unique content niche.

1. Start by choosing a community to be part of.

Write down your most-watched channels and consider what they have in common. Maybe you mainly watch beauty videos, or every channel you’re subscribed to has to do with DIYS. The running theme throughout your favorite channels is the type of content you’re most interested in, so it should be the community your channel is part of.

Your personal interests might also point you towards the online community you should join. For example, Mykie is a self-taught makeup artist, so she decided to start a beauty channel, Glam&Gore. She creates makeup videos with an SFX twist.

2. Consider what novel perspective or skills you have to offer.

To narrow down your chosen community to a specific niche, consider the novel perspective or skills you have to offer. What unique life experience or talents set you apart from other people in your community? How can they help shape your content?

Bernadette Banner is part of the ever-growing costuming community. Like many other creators, she uploads sewing tutorials. However, what makes her content unique is her passion for historical reconstructions. Bernadette, who holds a degree in costume design, recreates historical articles of clothing with painstaking detail, documenting her process in her YouTube videos.

3. Get creative with the format of your videos.

Even if your content niche is similar to someone else’s, you can truly set yourself apart with the format of your videos. Get creative with the way you plan, film, and edit your content. Watch videos in a similar niche, then brainstorm unique ways to structure your own.

Micarah Tewers is another costuming creator. However, rather than a straightforward tutorial, each video she uploads melds vlog footage with a tutorial as well as comedy. For example, she vlogged the experience of living in an RV within a tutorial for a Snow White costume.

Narrowing down a unique content niche is about combing your passion with your unique perspective. Follow these steps to find your specific place within a wider community.

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