3 Business Ideas For Your Channel

There are ways to make some money from YouTube, and the following are three business ideas for a growing YouTube channel.

1. Accepting sponsors

This tip stands as a great business venture for your channel. When your channel has grown significantly with plenty of subscribers, you’ll probably start to receive business emails from different brands and companies. Most of them will ask you 1) if you could endorse them by mentioning their services in a video (e.g. advertising an app), and/or 2) if you could make a video reviewing their products (e.g. endorsing gifted makeup).

In the interest of your channel, accepting sponsors is a great way to make some money from YouTube. Of course, make sure that you approach every opportunity with artistic integrity, and never let this side of being an online content creator overshadow the genuine relationship you have with your subscribers.

In the description box of the video, Danisnotonfire clarifies that this video is funded by Krave.

2. Selling your own merchandise

As you start to gain a big following, you can consider making your own merchandise. Whether it’s printing T-shirts with your YouTube catchphrase or posters, pitch the ideas to your subscribers and consider their feedback.

All the big YouTubers (one million+ subscribers) sell their own merchandise on DistrictLines. Fans love this because it sets them apart as your fan, part of your “alliance.” It also brings them closer to you. Of course, you’ll have to put in money to make this merchandise, but you’ll also be making some money selling it.

3. Enabling YouTube ads

YouTube gives every user the option to enable ads on his or her videos. The more popular your channel is, and the more views you generate, the more YouTube will consider paying you for attaching ads to your videos.

It is automatically turned off, but if you want to make a little extra pocket money and your channel has a good amount of subscribers, you can go to Settings and enable ads.

This is a great video about different ways of making money on YouTube, including the above three tips.

Before taking action, you should work hard to generate a large following on your channel. All of these tips have a higher success rate when your channel has more subscribers and is more popular. So, once you’ve reached this bar, you can definitely take advantage of these three ideas and capitalize on them.

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