How 5 Friends Gained 15 Million Subscribers

Dude Perfect is a YouTube channel consisting of five friends (twins Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney) who perform trick shots. Starting out as just friends in college who wanted to make some cool videos, the group rose to success and now own their own Dude Perfect building, have special celebrity guests on their videos, and have over 15 million subscribers.

These are some ways Dude Perfect became successful.

1. They film themselves doing what they love and what they are best at.

Many athletes love going out and trying out some trick shots, and the Dude Perfect cast is no different. All members were high school basketball players and have loved playing sports their whole lives. Viewers can see the joy all of them exhibit in each and every video.

After making a shot, the guys love showing their excitement.

2. They make a wide variety of original content.

It is not uncommon to find videos of people making full court basketball shots, but with Dude Perfect, you will find much more than this. Ranging from basketball to ping pong to bowling to Nerf guns to real guns, the Dude Perfect cast make trick shots with anything you can think of.

In this video, Dude Perfect shows off their skills in multiple sports.

3. They spend ample time editing each video.

A video is not all about the content that is filmed. Dude Perfect videos would not be the same without the great editing and behind-the-scenes work that happens before a video is posted.

Here is a video showing the editors of Dude Perfect.

The men of Dude Perfect became successful doing what a lot of people would love to do. They were able to do this because they truly enjoy what they are doing, they are extremely creative in the videos that they decide to make, and they spend the time outside of just filming to make sure the video looks good and is enjoyable. It’s all about being able to work hard and play hard.

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