Here’s How Jacksfilms Built A Thriving YouTube Channel

Jack Douglass is the creator behind the highly successful YouTube channel Jacksfilms. Over the past fifteen years, he’s built a dedicated audience of highly engaged subscribers. His platform is more than just a channel; it’s a community.

Here’s how Jacksfilms built a thriving YouTube channel.

He established his personal brand early on.

The motto of Jack’s channel is “help me make fun of everything.” He’s well-known for his dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Both Jack and his viewers enjoy lightly poking fun at everything that has to do with pop culture, from meme-worthy movies to the YouTube platform itself.

Many of Jack’s early videos were pop culture parodies. His first truly viral video was a parody of the Snuggie infomercial, which was all over cable television at the time. It’s still the most highly viewed video on his channel to date.

Once he created a viral video series, he kept it going.

Jack is a total genius when it comes to creating viral video series. In 2011, he uploaded the first episode of what would become his first big series, “Your Grammar Sucks.” In each episode, he roasted random internet users for their poor grammar and spelling, which his audience greatly enjoyed.

He took a significant break from the series, but ten years later, YGS is still going strong. It also includes songs, sketches, and user submissions. Continuing the series for so long has helped him maintain a strong core audience of viewers who tune into every episode.

He made audience engagement a core part of his content.

Following the success of YGS, Jack created two other series that have become mainstays on his channel: “JackAsk” and “Yesterday I Asked You.” Both of these series focus on Jack responding to viewer submissions. Together, the three series make up the majority of his recent videos.

For “JackAsk” viewers submit questions, which Jack answers on camera. For “YIAY,” however, he turns the tables and asks his viewers a question instead. They respond in the video comments or on Twitter using a dedicated hashtag. The YIAY hashtags often trend on Twitter.

Jacksfilms is a thriving channel because it has clear branding and a high level of audience engagement. Jack Douglass is successful because he turned his channel into a community.

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