3 Things Every YouTube Can Learn From GQ’s “Actually Me” Series

The GQ brand has been a prominent name in fashion and entertainment for decades. The company has continued to innovate with the content it produces, which includes the launch of its YouTube channel. One of the most popular series on the channel is the “Actually Me” celebrity interviews.

Here are three things every YouTube can learn from GQ’s “Actually Me” interview series.

1. Titles that pique viewers’ curiosity tend to do well.

GQ’s series is unique from other celebrity interview videos because instead of a reporter asking the questions; it’s random people on the internet. However, the second catch is that the people asking the questions don’t know that the celebrity is actually the one answering them. The celebrity posts answers from a newly created account instead of their verified account.

This series gets a lot of traffic because the concept piques a lot of viewers’ interest. It takes something the audience is familiar with (celebrity interviews) and transforms it with a fresh twist. The concept of a celebrity going “undercover” is what makes the series interesting.

2. Audience engagement drives views.

The “Actually Me” series also involves audience engagement. All of the questions are sourced from fans on the internet. So, anyone who’s posted a question about the celebrity who’s being interviewed could be featured in the video.

This unique approach to engagement brings in viewers because they want to see if one of their old posts has been answered by the celebrity. They might also watch to see if any questions from their fandom friends have been featured. Additionally, each video generates a lot of comments from users who want to share their reactions with other viewers.

3. Timeliness is an important quality in a collab partner.

The “Actually Me” guests aren’t chosen at random. Typically, each one has something to promote, such as a new album or the second season of their TV show. Therefore, users who search for the celebrity’s name will find the interview as part of the coverage of the project they’re promoting.

For example, the Gossip Girl reboot has been a big topic of conversation on social media lately. So, GQ invited the cast to do an “Actually Me” interview. You can watch it below.

GQ’s “Undercover” interview series is so popular because it piques viewers’ curiosity. It’s the perfect combination of an intriguing concept and celebrities who are currently trending.

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