How Mark Rober Went From NASA Engineer To YouTube Sensation

With almost twenty million subscribers, Mark Rober is one of the most recognizable names on YouTube. Before he was a content creator, he was an engineer at NASA and Apple. Now, he uses his expertise to create videos that are as entertaining as they are educational.

Here’s how Mark Rober went from NASA engineer to YouTube sensation.

He began making videos as a hobby and a creative outlet while still working a full-time job.

As an engineer, Mark was involved with many innovative, forward thinking projects, such as a Mars rover and self-driving cars. However, he also wanted to exercise his creativity in different ways. So, he decided to start a YouTube channel where he could post his own inventions and experiments.

Mark uploaded his first video in 2011. In the video, he designed a Halloween costume that utilized an iPad to create an optical illusion. It quickly went viral, garnering millions of views. You can watch it below.

He went viral with a timely, out-of-the box video.

Over the next few years, Mark continued creating similar videos. However, his channel truly took off in 2018 when he uploaded “Glitter Bomb 1.0 vs Porch Pirates.” At the time, many people had been targeted by “porch pirates” who stole packages off their front porches. After being victimized by a porch pirate himself, Mark decided to take some creative action.

He documented his invention of a “glitter bomb” that, when disguised as a package, served as bait for porch pirates. It also recorded them, which provided even more interesting footage. He uploaded the final video during the winter holidays, when a lot of people had been losing presents to porch pirates, so tens of millions of viewers were thrilled to watch Mark get some revenge.

He continued focusing on video quality over quantity.

Following such a wildly viral video, it would be tempting for any creator to start pumping out videos more frequently to continue to ride that wave of success. However, the less time you spend on a video, the lower its overall quality is going to be. A string of low quality videos could’ve quickly turned Mark’s new viewers away from his channel.

So, instead of changing his upload schedule, he stuck to the one he’d already been following. Instead of weekly or even monthly uploads, he posted a new video whenever it was ready. The time he dedicated to making each video perfect helped his channel continue to do well, and virtually all of his uploads following the original glitter bomb video have gone viral.

Mark Rober built a massive audience on YouTube by creating out-of-the-box, high-quality content. His combination of expertise and dedication made him into a viral sensation.

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