How This Film Composer Created An Award-Winning Album

Hans Zimmer is a world-renowned composer who created the album Interstellar. It received great reviews and accompanied a film directed by Christopher Nolan.

Here’s how this film composer created a successful album.

1. He released it in time for awards season.

Interstellar was a highly acclaimed, award-winning film in 2014. At the Hollywood and Music in Media Awards, it won an Academy Award for its original score. The WaterTower label released this album in time for awards season with hopes that it would get very far.

Award shows such as the Academy Awards and the Grammys only judge work that was released during a certain time frame. Do your research to find out when you should release your album in correspondence with your favorite music awards.

Here is the video of Interstellar’s big win at the Academy Awards.

2. His music tells a specific story.

Zimmer wrote a piece about being the perfect father as a role model who is an action-oriented. He spent a certain amount of time every day writing out some musical ideas for how to portray this story through his composition. Zimmer wrote a four-minute piece played with the organ and piano, which Nolan called a heartfelt story.

When you have a story to tell in your music, write from your heart. Being an artist, and a true artist at that, is more than just selling. It’s about honesty, authenticity, and staying true to yourself while exhibiting your real morals and values in your works of art.

Listen to a snippet of Zimmer’s heartfelt work below.

3. He made imagery a huge factor in his instrumental music.

There is a close bond between music and image. The music that Zimmer created has a strong connection between a picturesque image and science fiction music. If a listener closes his or her own eyes, then there is imagery that can create a silent film story in the mind.

Think about what kind of image you are trying to create for yourself through the process of making and producing your music. Think about how you can paint a picture in your listener’s mind with the crescendo, tempo, and other elements of your piece.

Close your eyes and try to image the story Zimmer is telling with this composition.

Hans Zimmer created an award-winning soundtrack for the film Interstellar by playing with story and imagery. Follow these tips when composing your own album.

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