How This Musician Keeps His Viewers Watching

Sam Tsui gained popularity on YouTube with his many covers of popular songs. Growing up, Sam had an affinity for music, and his parents fostered that passion by having him try out for musicals. He studied Greek at Yale University, and he followed his dream of musical acclaim by becoming a paid pianist. He started posting his videos to YouTube in 2011 after a few television appearances on Oprah Winfrey, It’s On with Alexa Chung, and ABC World News.

Here is a video that got people interested in his career.

1. He films his videos in a personal space, making viewers feel at home.

His early videos showed a very natural Sam Tsui using any acoustically sound space to perform his covers. His subscribers loved how welcoming his videos really were, and it helped that he was considered a dreamboat by many females on his page. Sam Tsui would perform in his downstairs, with just a piano, on a couch, at a church, and many other places to show that he wasn’t picky.

Here is one amazing video just using his front room and a friend on guitar.

2. He catered to the wants of his viewers.

The more popular Sam Tsui got, the more he catered to his viewers. They wanted to know more about his life and listen to him speak about his successes. Every time he posted a video about his success, his tone would always remain humble. By catering to his viewers, Sam has a consistent viewership and has gained even more followers!

Here is a video that shows his diversity.

3. He recorded the kind of collaborations his viewers wanted to see.

Sam Tsui has found that doing collaborations with other stars really helped his career. His collaborations with Kurt Schneider helped him start his own channel. They have even toured the world together over a few years.

His collaborations recently earned him a role on the TV series Bones with other YouTube stars from Pentatonix.

Sam Tsui has an amazing voice, and his popularity is well worth it. Tsui enjoys putting out videos for his viewers and will continue to do so as his popularity increases.

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