Giving Constructive Feedback on Soundcloud

Giving feedback is a tricky subject, since it’s hard to not offend anyone with constructive comments. Here is a proven method to give feedback that will be appreciated.

1) Start with a complement. Even if their song has nothing good you can always find something nice to say about it. Perhaps start with a great line or a tune that they had.

2) Suggest improvement. There’s probably a lot of things you don’t agree with as an artist, but look for things that could objectively be improved on. Is the audio skipping or the quality dropping? Maybe some part of the song fizzled after the buildup, or the mood or didn’t work for you. Limit this to one or two biggest issues and keep it short.

3) Conclude with the favorite part of the song. Since you enjoyed the song enough to write a comment, this part should be quite easy. Focus on how you were inspired or what you saw as the best part.

Don’t repeat your feedback, on Soundcloud, someone can check your profile and see if you’ve copy and pasted feedback to artists. Leaving good feedback means other soundcloud users will listen to your songs and offer their advice.

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