How to Promote Your Music with Blogs

Music blogs like Pitchfork, Tiny Mix Tapes, and tons of independent websites are major compasses for people looking to stay updated on today’s music scenes. Use these moves to leverage the blogosphere and spread your music and artistic voice around the worldwide web.

1) Write a guest column for well-known blogs to expand your fan network and take part in musical discussions. This will increase their respect for you and result in them mentioning your band to friends and followers later.

2) Start with five mid-level blogs you enjoy and focus on networking with them. Comment on them and message authors to tell them you like their writing and about your music. As these relationships blossom more people will hear about you and tune in.

3) Start your own blog and get writing today! Owning your own blog means complete creative control. Invite bandmates and friends to write guest columns and add content. Having a blog will generate talk around your name and provide you a voice in your corner of the musical universe.

Never underestimate blogs. There are legions of fans constantly discovering new music through them. Networking and contributing to the community will give you the opportunity to impact the discussion and convert new fans.

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