Using Free Music to Build Reputation

Free music is the best way to build a reputation and get a larger following. Nothing gets you more downloads than a free tag. Here are 3 benefits to giving away your music.

1) Large channels with many followers can use your music. There are thousands of channels and internet radio stations that only feature free music. By making your song free, you can contact them and get them to spread your music to their followers at no cost.

2) Content producers need music. There are thousands of channels making tutorials, gaming montages, home videos, funny skits, and more. All these channels need music and can’t risk getting their content taken down for using copyrighted music. They need free music and will be happy to use it for their videos.

3)College DJ’s and radio stations need new music. College students are always looking for new music and will pirate any music they like anyways. By giving it to them for free, they’ll be happy to listen and download if they like it.

Free music has been proven to be the best way to get downloads and plays. Once you establish popularity, you can start selling your future songs or making money from playing at gigs.
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