How To Get Viewers To Spend More Time On Your Channel

One of the most important factors in YouTube’s video ranking algorithm is watch time. When a lot of viewers spend a lot of time watching your videos, YouTube will automatically suggest your content to new people. Watch time also takes into consideration how many of your videos each viewer watches in a row.

Here’s how to get viewers to spend more time on your channel.

1. Write short, descriptive video titles.

Before a viewer starts watching a YouTube video, your job is to get that viewer to click on yours. Write short, eye-catching titles to grab viewers’ attention. Your titles should also be descriptive. Tell your potential viewers what each video is about in as few words as possible.

Upcoming YouTube star Ally Hardesty is great at writing short, descriptive video titles. She lets her viewers know exactly what to expect by highlighting the main theme of each video in the title.

2. Create relevant playlists.

The next step to getting viewers to spend more time on your channel is to make the videos easier for them to access. By organizing your videos into relevant playlists, you can give viewers the option to keep watching similar content without having to press play.

The main feature of vlogger Stormy Davis’s channel is a series of videos in which she shares the story of her life. Viewers can easily access the videos in chronological order through her “Stormytime” playlist.

3. Promote previously created content in new videos.

Finally, you can also direct viewers to previous videos by promoting your past content in your new videos. For example, if you’re filming a video similar to ones you’ve posted before, you can add the link to the previous video in the description of your new one.

When YouTuber Natalies Outlet uploaded a prank video similar to one she’d made a while ago, she mentioned the previous video in her intro.

Watch time is an important part of YouTube’s video ranking algorithm. Follow these tips to get viewers to spend more time on your channel.

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