How To Optimize Your Videos For The Google Search Algorithm

Google ranks videos differently than YouTube does. Whereas YouTube users are specifically searching for videos to watch, Google users are searching for answers to their questions. In order to compete with all the other blogs, articles, and multimedia content on the internet, you’ll need to create videos that provide the best information.

Here’s how to optimize your videos for the Google search algorithm.

1. Create the kind of content that lots of people are searching for.

When people use Google, they’re searching for content that is either informational, a tutorial, or entertainment. To get your videos to show up in more Google search results, fit them into one of these categories.

In order for your videos to be searchable, you should also make sure they’re generic and timely. For example, rather than making a video about your favorite classic Western, you should upload a review of Marvel’s recent box office hit Black Panther.

2. Make sure your videos are optimized for YouTube.

The higher your videos rank on YouTube, the higher they’ll rank on Google. So, you should focus on optimizing your videos for YouTube as well. Check out this post for more tips on search engine optimization.

You can also find tutorials for improving your videos’ rankings on YouTube.

3. Link your videos as many places as possible.

One of the most important factors in Google’s ranking algorithm is links. The more places a webpage is linked, the higher it will appear in Google’s search results.

Therefore, you should link to your videos in as many places as possible. Share them on social media and encourage your followers to do the same, like vlogger Joey Graceffa does.

Optimizing your videos for the Google search algorithm will help you grow your viewership organically. Follow these tips to make your video appear higher in the Google search results.

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