How To Get Your Songs On TV & Film

There’s more ways to make money besides getting your music on commercial radio. You don’t even have to tour around the world. Simply producing songs ready for TV and films can get you some extra – or lots of – cash. Here’s how to get started.

It Must Be Broadcast Quality

When you’re emailing your demos, the songs should be ready-to-use. Music supervisors don’t have time for amateur hour. They’ve got a fat folder of ready to go songs and no room for sub-par content. Of course there are some exceptions as songs for opening credits or movies may need to be re-mastered. This doesn’t mean they’ll change a bad song to a good one.

What Do Music Supervisors Look For?

Certain movies and shows definitely follow a style of music. Alternative and hip-hop are usually played during party scenes while pop ballads might play during prom. Find the show that fits your genre by studying the songs they already play. If your demo reminds people of an existing band, that’s even better. Supervisors want a better deal for music that already sounds popular.

Where Do I Submit?

Getting your songs to the right people can be a challenge. Some music supervisors only go through trusted labels and companies to get their songs. Others go through music libraries, or music publishers, which sell your music to interested media channels. While you can try to email the supervisors directly, it’s best to take a look at outlets that already have the connections.

Remember to review royalty agreements and contracts before having your songs placed on shows. There are a number of ways artists get paid (and don’t) so proceed with caution once your music gets chosen.

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