How To Get Your Band’s Facebook Page Verified

Nothing could look more legit on your Facebook page than a little blue check mark. We’ve all seen it on a celebrity’s profile – you know the one with 1 million (plus) likes. If you’re an up-and-coming musician, that level of recognition could take a while – but getting your profile verified won’t have to.

Disclaimer: This method isn’t foolproof but gives you much, much higher chances of getting verified.

Before You Do Anything

Of course to be legit on Facebook, you’ll already want to look the part. Meaning your page should have links to an official band website, your About Me should be totally completed (include as much info as you can about yourself and your members) – and most importantly – your profile should be decked out with the highest quality content.

Now what is high quality content? Yes, links to your awesome songs are a given. But for a Facebook profile, you don’t want to just post music. That’s what SoundCloud is for. What you’ll first want to have are professional profile and cover photos. This immediately puts an impression of legitimacy to who ever is deciding your verification – regardless of how many likes your profile has.

Simply Fill Out The Forms

Next, log into your Facebook and fill out the form titled “Request a Verified badge.” It should look something like this . There you will be asked to provide driver’s license information (or other forms of identification), and links to your official website. After you’ve completed the form, simply click send and you’re done!

Getting verified on Facebook has all sorts of perks. From looking more legitimate, to having access to live Q&A functions, mentions, etc., – musicians can enjoy the benefits of verification without being famous. And who knows, your check-marked profile could get you get there!

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