The Most Effective Ways To Promote Your Music on Twitter

Ever since its creation in 2006, Twitter’s name has been synonymous with social media’s power – attracting over 280 million active accounts. While your primary goal as a musician is to produce music, not having a Facebook  or Twitter can be akin to taking a step back. Social media activity, especially on Twitter, will be a powerful tool in advancing your music career. Here are 3 ways to get the most out of your account.

Post More Than Album Release Dates

There are some musicians who think simply having an account means they’re involved in social media. Wrong. Post at at least every few days and post a link to your music at least every week. Say hi to other local bands to start friendly relationships. Respond to fans rather than being aloof and distant. Use Twitter to its fullest extent by connecting with people, even if you haven’t met them in real life.

Build Hype Through Strategically Timed Posts

Create hype for your music even before you release it. Before you drop a mixtape or release an album, announce it way before (not just in Twitter but on all social media sites!). Around one week before the release of your album/EP/single, use each day as a countdown. This will make sure that you and your music stay relevant on Twitter and in the back of everyone’s head.

Embrace Hashtags

Get used to the idea of incorporating hashtags in your posts! Making a hashtag is a great way to follow/start a trend and get other people talking about your music. When using the search function, browse what tags are currently trending, and if it’s relevant, include it in your post. #bestpopsongs2015 is one example. Get discovered by riding on the interests of other users. Encourage your followers to use the hashtag so that you can maximize the amount of people learning about your project.

The most important thing is to be active. Although social media shouldn’t distract you from your career, it can still be a powerful tool in getting people to start talking about you and the exciting things that you’ve been working on.

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Vivien Bui is a musician and writer. She enjoys going to concerts, writing at night, and sitting in a coffee shop with a good book.