3 Free Resources to Practice Singing

It takes dedication to be a singer. Perfecting the art of singing doesn’t have a clear end point. It’s an infinite path with constant room for improvement. Therefore, relentless rehearsing is the most essential key to success for one pursuing this career.

So for the passionate souls seeking this path, here are some cheap resources you can use in your next rehearsal.

1. Download free music apps.

There is an app for everything musical. Musicians can truly benefit from the free apps available. For starters, there are dozens of free metronome apps which are extremely useful. It comes in handy especially when learning a fast pace song. Start at a slow beat and pick up the pace accordingly. There are also piano apps for those times singers need to reconfirm a melody or even just a pitch! What a time to be alive!

2. Translate songs in other languages. 

The initial stages of learning a song can involve singers coming head to head with communication barriers. It is extremely vital these singers understand what they are singing in order to emulate the proper emotions. If the song is in a foreign language, translate the lyrics and then read through them to get a fuller understanding of the song.

3. Sing in front of a mirror.

In order to sing to their full capacity, singers are not granted the luxury of creating eccentric vowel sounds, shouting and or straining. To help control these habits, singers should practice in front of a mirror. These issues of tension and strange vowels can usually be detected in plain sight, which is why a mirror is such an obvious medicine for these habits!

Singing is it’s own form of music, which should be greatly appreciated. It exercises the voice to be used at its full potential. These tips will help those who have chosen this endeavour during their next rehearsal!

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