4 Quick Strategies to Help Your Video Shine

In the midst of your YouTube channel’s growth, it’s important to remember the core elements that make an awesome YouTube video. Incorporating some quick strategies can make your video stand out from the rest.

Always remember these tips for to make your YouTube videos shine.

1. Find your quirks.

Madonna’s gap between her two front teeth, the heaviness in Zooey Deschannel’s voice, the entire plot of Rocky Horror Picture Show- all of these things steer away from tradition. Redefining what it is to be cool is a much more admirable than arriving to fame in a conventional sense.  Find your quirks and embrace them!

For example, at the end of Julia Nunes’s videos she features a few adorable and enduring bloopers!

2. Study your audience.

Be sure that the videos you are creating apply to your target audience. Do a bit of research on your audience and think from their point of view. What are their needs? What do they want from your video? Once you’ve answered these questions, the path to the perfect video will become much clearer!

Jenna Marbles learns what her audience wants by taking topic requests from her fans.

3. Write a list of traits or talents that make you stand out. 

The funniest comedian isn’t always the most successful one. Though exceptional talent alone can take one to the top of the totem pole, success usually derives from a balance of powers. Maybe you’re the type of comedian who can speak pig Latin, has a basic knowledge of piano and practices a bit of ventriloquism. These skills alone seem a bit useless, but when you pull all these odd talents together, suddenly you’re giving the world of YouTube a comedic performance they’ve never seen before.

Morgan Hanbury‘s collective use of humor and make-up helped her make it big time on YouTube!

4. Try new things. 

Don’t ever stop trying to be a better performer. There are always new things to learn. Find fun things to incorporate into videos regularly. Step outside your comfort zone and you’ll find an entirely new audience for your videos.  The more well-rounded you are as an entertainer, the larger your audience will be.

Finding your niche in the cluster of YouTube can be difficult! Exhaust your resources and make sure you have a strategy when establishing yourself on YouTube.

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Roselie Kelly loves to explore and meet new people. She recently moved to Dublin Ireland, where she spends her time teaching English as a foreign language, running, picking up new hobbies and being a dutiful temp receptionist/runner/errand girl/cookie snatcher!

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