Expert Ways To Track Your Channel’s Growth

For most content creators, success doesn’t happen overnight. Building a platform is a long and labor-intensive process. Without typical metrics of career success like promotions and raises, you may find it difficult to gauge how well your channel is actually doing.

Here are a few expert ways to track your YouTube channel’s growth.

1. Use the YouTube Studio app to compare each new video’s performance to previous uploads.

The YouTube Studio mobile app will synthesize a lot of important analytics into one easily accessible place. At the top, it displays your monthly view count and watch time. It will also show you an estimate of your revenue.

However, if you scroll down, then you can see the data about your most recent upload. This section will show you how its performance compares to your last ten videos. It will also compare your new video to the way your content typically performs.

2. Create line graphs to chart your important metrics every week.

You may find it helpful to keep a paper record of your channel’s growth in a place you’ll always be able to access it. Use a poster board or graph paper to create line graphs to measure your channel’s important metrics, such as view count, subscriber count, and watch time. You could update the chart monthly, weekly, or by upload.

If you don’t want to draw out a graph, however, you could also make one on Excel or Google Sheets. Then, you can update it just the same as a paper graph. To get started in Google Sheets, which is free to everyone, follow the tutorial below.

3. Read your video comments to gauge how your audience is responding to your content.

Your video comments are one of your best resources as a creator. If your viewers don’t like something, they’ll be sure to let you know. Seemingly negative comments can actually be considered constructive criticism. By reading what your viewers think about your videos, you’ll be better prepared to create content they’re going to enjoy.

Whenever you read the comments under a video, look for questions that either get repeated often. Do you viewers want more content like this, or do they miss your old videos? How do they feel about your new background, or was part of it too distracting? Did they like your sponsored product, or did it feel too “salesy” to them?

You should also pay attention to comments that have a lot of likes and replies. Even if other commenters aren’t posting the same thing, their likes mean they agree with the original poster. Carefully consider the feedback in these comments so that you can improve your content in your viewers’ eyes.

Tracking your channel’s growth will help you control the trajectory of your success. You can study what methods work for your channel and repeat them to expedite your growth rate.

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