How To Make Sure Your Channel Members Feel Like Their Subscription Is Worth The Money

Your Channel Members are your most dedicated fans. Not only do they give you their time and their loyalty, but they also support you financially. Therefore, you should work hard to ensure their memberships are truly valuable. They should be getting plenty in return.

Here are a few ways you can make sure your Channel Members feel their subscription is worth the money.

Hold exclusive weekly live streams just for them.

Live streams are one of the most fun and effective ways to connect with your audience in real time. They can ask you questions, watch you perform, or just listen to you talk about your day. Likewise, you get to have a real-time conversation with them.

For many fans, live streams feel more personal than videos or story posts. The smaller the audience, the closer they feel to you. Therefore, holding live streams where the only viewers are your channel members will make them feel extra special. If you can, go live at a scheduled time each week so that your Channel Members can plan to tune in.

Reply to their comments more often.

Any viewer would be excited to have their favorite creator reply to their YouTube comment. However, the sheer volume of comments you receive means that you’ll never be able to respond to every single comment on every single upload. So, any viewers who do get a reply will be all the more enthusiastic about it.

To ensure your channel members are the ones getting replies to their comments, utilize the comment filter in your YouTube Studio. First, go to the “Comments” tab. Then, click on “Filter” and select “Channel member status.” Check the box next to “Channel member” and hit “Apply.” Then, you’ll be able to see all the comments your Channel Members have made on all of your videos in the same place.

Additionally, add the “I haven’t responded” filter under “Response status.” That way, you’ll only see the comments you haven’t replied to yet. You can generate more meaningful conversations by adding the “Contains questions” filter as well.

Thank them by name in your videos.

There’s a reason that, whenever you watch a shout-out video a celebrity has made, they address the recipient by name. It makes the person the video is intended for feel special and seen, and it makes the message feel more personal. It’s probably going to make them appreciate the person who made the video even more.

Similarly, whenever you want to thank your channel members in your videos, you should thank them by name. Don’t just type their names into the video description or display them in the end screen. Rather, take the extra few seconds to say the names of a few Channel Members on camera in every video. You can also use it as part of a call-to-action encouraging other viewers to sign up for Channel Memberships.

Offer them discounts or pre-sales on merch and event tickets.

As your strongest supporters, your Channel Members probably love to represent your brand in real life. You can help them show their support for your channel by offering them exclusive discounts on your merch. You can also give them early access to new merch drops.

Likewise, you can offer them an exclusive pre-sale code for any live events you do. Then, they’ll be able to book tickets earlier than other fans. They’ll likely be able to get better prices, too. If the event won’t allow you to give pre-sale access, however, then you can also invite your Channel Members who attend the event to an exclusive meet-and-greet.

To make sure your Channel Members feel like they’re getting their money’s worth out of their memberships, spend more time with them online. Show your appreciation with shout-outs and exclusive merch discounts as well.

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