Everything You Need To Know About Premieres 2.0

The YouTube Premieres feature enables eligible channels to create watch pages for scheduled uploads, complete with countdowns, reminders, and a live chat. Recently, the platform upgraded the feature to make it even better for creators and viewers alike.

Here’s everything you need to know about YouTube Premieres 2.0.

Live redirect enables you to switch between a premiere and a live stream.

With live redirect, you can create a multi-part viewing experience for your audience without the need to send them away from your watch page. You can switch from a live stream to a premiere and vice versa. Your viewers won’t have to click a different link because you’ll be able to send them to the next place automatically.

You can use this feature to host a premiere pre-show. Instead of connecting with your viewers in the chat, you can go live for them. Alternatively, you might do an aftershow, which could be a Q-and-A, an interview, or a virtual afterparty. There’s all kinds of room for creativity here.

Promote your premiere with a trailer.

You might’ve made a channel trailer before, or maybe you’ve made a trailer to promote a major project you put a lot of work into, such as a short film or a new series. Now, you can create a trailer for your scheduled premiere so viewers can get a taste of what’s to come.

Your trailer can be between fifteen seconds and three minutes long. After you’ve uploaded it, your viewers will see it anytime they go to your premiere’s watch page before the premiere begins. This is a great way to garner interest in your upcoming video.

You can change your countdown theme.

Anyone who’s watched a YouTube Premiere has seen the same countdown theme. Seeing the same one on every channel and every premiere can get pretty old pretty fas, so YouTube is finally introducing several new countdown themes. You’ll be able to choose the want you want to use in your premiere.

The new themes are designed to fit different moods and aesthetics as well as content verticals. You can choose the one that best fits with the video you’re premiering. That way, it can more effectively set the tone for the content to follow. You’ll also be able to customize the timer. It can go from one to ten minutes.

All of these new updates to YouTube Premieres will be available by early 2021. Start planning content you want to premiere so that you can create an exciting and interactive experience for your viewers.

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