Here’s Your Guide To “Super Thanks” On YouTube

YouTube offers creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program a ton of different ways to make money from their videos. The latest monetization tool to be introduced is “Super Thanks,” which was formerly known as “Viewer Applause.”

Here’s everything you need to know about Super Thanks.

You make money from Super Thanks when a viewer purchases it for you.

Like Channel Memberships, Super Thanks is a way for dedicated viewers to financially support your channel directly. It can be purchased from your channel’s video page. While watching the video, a viewer can select “Super Thanks” beneath it to find a price list and complete their purchase.

When they purchase a Super Thanks, they’ll receive a one-time clapping animation over the top of your video. There are four options for them to choose from, and higher value ones come with more elaborate animations. Additionally, any comments they make on the video will be highlighted.

To enable Super Thanks on your channel, you must meet certain criteria.

As a monetization tool, Super Thanks will only be available to creators whose channels are part of the YouTube Partner Program. This means your content must comply with both the monetization policies and the Community Guidelines. Additionally, the feature is only available to creators in certain countries; you can find a full list here.

Individual videos must meet certain eligibility requirements for Super Thanks as well. Each video must be public, not private or unlisted. They also can’t be labeled as “Made for kids,” age restricted, or under a Content ID claim. YouTube Giving fundraisers, live streams, and Premieres aren’t eligible either.

Super Thanks is currently in beta testing.

Super Thanks is not available to every single creator at this moment. It’s currently in beta, which means it’s currently being tested on a small batch of monetized creators. However, YouTube plans to expand access to more creators later in the year.

You can see if you’re currently eligible by going to the “Monetization” tab in your YouTube Studio. Then, click on the “Supers” tab. If you have access to the feature, then you’ll see the words “Super Thanks” next to an on/off button. You can use this switch to activate or deactivate Super Thanks on your channel.

Super Thanks are a super great way for fans to “tip” their favorite creators. Promote this monetization feature in your call-to-action and be sure to let your viewers know how grateful you are for their support.

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