Everything You Need To Know About YouTube’s Captions Update

Adding captions to your videos is one of the best ways to reach more viewers. They’ll be able to enjoy your videos virtually anywhere without needing headphones. For example, a fan who usually has to wait to get home to watch your latest upload will be able to enjoy it on the bus ride home. YouTube’s new captions feature is designed to make adding captions to videos way easier for creators.

Here’s everything you need to know about the updates to captions on YouTube.

You’ll be able to add captions before your video goes live.

Previously, creators have only been able to add captions to a video after it’s been published. This can decrease the number of views your video gets early-on because anyone who prefers to watch with captions will have to wait. The longer it takes you to add captions, the more likely those viewers are to forget about your video or decide not to watch it altogether.

However, by uploading captions at the same time you upload your video, you’ll be able to cater to as many viewers as possible. You can get more viewers, longer watch time, and a lot of thankful comments by adding captions. It can also save you time in the long-run because you won’t have to carve out time to go back to each and every upload to add captions.

Add your captions in the Video Details section.

The new process for adding captions is fairly straightforward, and it’s been integrated into the upload process you’re already familiar with. First, upload your video file as you normally would. Then, head to the “Video Details” tab and click on “Video elements.”

The first box on this tab should say “Add subtitles.” On the right side of the gray box, click on “add.” Then, you’ll be taken directly to the captions editor. From there, you’ll be able to add captions to your video draft.

You can create captions three different ways.

In the captions editor, you have three different options for creating your captions. Firstly, you can upload a file that’s been created outside of YouTube. Not only should this file include dialogue text for the entire video, but it should also include timestamps for when each line was said. Supported files types include SubRip, SubViewer, and MPsub.

Secondly, you can choose to auto-sync your captions. You can either enter the words that are in the video or upload a transcript. Then, select “assign timings” before clicking on “save and close.” Within a few minutes, YouTube will have the timing set for your captions.

Your third and final option is to type manually. With this option, you can type the captions yourself as you watch the video. You can pause it as needed. When you’re finished, save your work by selecting “publish.”

With YouTube’s latest update, you can add captions to a video during the upload flow. Be sure to let your viewers know via social media that they won’t have to wait for captions to be added to your videos anymore.

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