How To Find The Right Manager To Help Your Career

At a certain point in your career as a content creator, you’ll probably start to consider hiring a manager. A manager can connect you with opportunities and sponsorships you might not be able to get otherwise. They can also help you make important business decisions and further your career. Choosing the right manager at the right time can take your career to the next level.

Here’s how to find the right manager to help your career.

Look for a manager when you could reasonably use an extra set of hands to help with your channel.

The best time to look for a manager is when you could reasonably benefit from having someone else manage your channel. You don’t necessarily need to have a ton of subscribers to need a manager. For example, if your channel only has ten thousand subscribers but your inbox is full of sponsorship offers and appearance requests, then you could probably use a manager.

As a general rule of thumb, you might start looking for a potential manager when your channel reaches around fifty thousand subscribers. However, there are other factors to consider that could determine when the right time is for you. If you suddenly have a video go viral or get an influx of sponsorship emails, then you might consider looking for a manager.

Check your inbox and your network for any leads.

Before you go looking for a manager, you should first see if anyone has already reached out to you. Check your email inbox for any offers of representation or requests to network from potential managers. You might also check your social media DMs.

You can also check your network for potential managers. Ask your content creator friends about their management teams or managers they’ve worked with before. If their managers aren’t taking on new clients, then you might ask them if they have any colleagues they’d recommend.

Vet your candidates and have a strong contract in place.

Before you reach out to any potential manager directly, you first need to vet their credentials. Read through their sites or their agencies’ sites. Look up their LinkedIn profiles to find out what their previous experience is like and what connections you may have in common.

Then, find out who their clients are and reach out to them. Ask them specific questions about their experience with their manager, such as how much their channel grew after they signed or what goals their manager has helped them achieve. If you want to get a more well-rounded idea of what a certain manager is like, then you might consider reaching out to a former client who is no longer signed with them.

Draw up a strong contract before signing with a new manager. Make sure you read through any paperwork they give you before signing it. If possible, have a lawyer, an agent, or another entertainment industry professional look through the contract for you as well.

Finding the right manager can help you grow your channel and reach your biggest career goals. Use your network to find and vet potential managers until you find the one who best suits your channel’s needs.

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