The 3 Steps To Becoming A Better Vlogger

No matter how talented or successful you are, every vlogger has room for improvement. Any improvement you make to your craft can help your channel grow. So, you should always be striving to fine-tune your current skills in addition to learning new ones.

Here’s how to become a better vlogger in just three steps.

1. Learn to use a professional-grade video editing software.

In the early days of YouTube, iMovie was the standard software many vloggers used. However, as the platform has grown, viewers’ expectations have increased. Since vlogging is considered a profession, your audience expects your videos to look profession. A well-edited video will be better received than one that’s hacked together.

To improve the quality of your videos, you should learn to use the kind of video editing that’s standard in the film and media industries. Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro are the two of the most common. While they do come at a cost, you can think of it as an investment in your channel’s future.

You can learn to use your new editing software by watching tutorials on YouTube. However, if you’re having trouble learning from a video, then you might consider taking an introductory film course at a nearby university or hiring a professional editor to teach you. Remember, the more you practice, the more your editing skills will improve.

2. Create each video with the end results in mind.

You shouldn’t vlog just to vlog. If you think you might end up cutting the footage anyway, then, by filming it, you’re only wasting storage space and battery life. Instead, before you pull out your camera, imagine how the moment or experience you’re about to capture might look as part of the finished video.

Everything you film should be somehow novel or interesting. Even your day-to-day moments can be vlog-worthy if you create that video with intention. For example, a daily vlog that includes what you ate for breakfast might not get that many viewers. However, a video about how you meal plan breakfast for the week or what you eat as a vegan would be more likely to attract a wider audience.

3. Conduct periodic keyword research.

Search Engine Optimization is what vloggers use to get their videos higher in the Google search rankings. SEO is achieved by strategically placing keywords in your titles, tags, and descriptions. However, if you aren’t using the correct keywords, then they won’t do much to help your channel.

To make sure you’re choosing the best keywords for your content, you need to conduct keyword research, which you can learn to do in this post. Once won’t be enough. You should repeat the process every few months to ensure you’re keeping up with current trends.

If you want to become a better vlogger, then you need to focus on improving your skills behind-the-scenes. Focus on editing, planning, and SEO to boost your channel’s success.

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