Everything Vloggers Need To Know About Camera Drones

Vloggers love to make use of the latest in camera technology, and drones are no exception. From awesome aerial shots to tricked-out travel vlogs, camera drones can take your videos to a whole new level.

Here’s everything vloggers need to know about camera drones.

1. You may need to get licensed.

In some areas, operating a drone requires a special license. In the US, the FAA requires commercial drone flyers to pass a multiple choice test and pay a small fee in order to earn a Remote Pilot Certificate. No flying experience is necessary.

If you’re just flying for fun, you’ll still need to register any drone that weighs more than half a pound. If you’re outside of the US, do a quick Google search to check for drone license requirements in your country.

2. Check local laws and regulations before you film.

In the US, the FAA still puts restrictions on licensed drone flyers. They must apply for a 107 waiver months in advance before flying at night, over people, higher than 400 feet, further away than you can see with the naked eye, at speeds over 100 miles an hour, from a moving vehicle, or within five miles of an airport.

Check local laws and regulations in either your area or the area you plan to film in a few months before you want to film with your drone. It may be a good idea to alert your neighbors before you start flying a drone around as well.

3. Fly at a steady pace.

Once you’ve got your drone and your license to fly, it’s time to master the basics. One of the most important things to remember when filming with a drone is to fly at a steady pace. It may be a good idea to buy a toy drone first and practice with it before investing in an expensive (and breakable) aerial camera.

If you want nice, cinematic shots, then don’t fly too fast. The faster you fly, the more jittery and shaky your video will turn out.

4. Keep your horizon lines straight.

When you fly in windy conditions or at high speeds, your drone’s gimble may tilt and make you horizon line crooked. You should be able to fix this in your drone’s settings, but if not, it’s still possible to correct horizon lines when you edit.

To give yourself a margin of error, be sure to shoot in 4K. If you have a tilted horizon line, correct it with the process outlined in the video below.

Camera drones can take your YouTube videos from awesome to truly amazing. The aerial shots make your videos both more cinematic and more professional. Learning how to film with a camera drone is something every vlogger should try.

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