Every Creator Should Utilize These Post-Production Tips

Making a video is like baking a cake. It needs the right mix of humor, relatability, emotion, and timeliness to come out right. Then, the editing stage is where you get to decorate the cake. Good post-production is, as the saying goes, just the icing on the cake.

Here are a few post-production tips every creator should utilize.

Before you start, get all your files organized.

When you’re editing a video, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find the clip you want to add. Scrolling through a seemingly endless number of unlabeled files feels like a huge waste of time.

You can prevent these frustrations by organizing your files before you start editing. Label every video clip or thumbnail picture on your SD card. Then, move the files off your SD card and into folders on either your computer or a portable hard drive. Label the folders by video, date, angle, etc.

Edit to background music for better pacing.

Pacing can make a good video great. You don’t want it to be too slow and bore viewers, nor do you want it to go too fast and lose them. You also want to make sure you don’t focus on one shot for too long, etc.

To help improve your video’s pacing, edit to music. Insert a background music track onto your editing timeline. Then, cut or expand the track to reach your desired video length. Build your video clips over this track.

Cut on action.

If you’re able to film from multiple angles, then your video will benefit from cutting to different shots to build a sequence. The trick to a good sequence is to cut on action. For example, you might cut a wide angle clip when you put a makeup brush to your face then go into a closeup that continues the action.

The best way to learn filmmaking techniques such as this one is to study examples. You can find a lot on YouTube. Check out the tutorial below to get started.

Get another set of eyes on each draft.

When you’re deep into the editing stage, it can be hard to watch your own work objectively. You’ve seen the same video so many times that you may not notice awkward jump cuts, bad angles, or slow pacing.

To catch issues like this, get another set of eyes on each draft of your video. Ask your manager, roommate, significant other, etc., to watch a cut of your video then share their honest thoughts with you. Ideally, try to get several people to watch it and give you feedback before you upload the finished project.

Post-production is where you create the best possible version of your video. Utilize these tips to get the most out of your edits. Share your own editing tips in the comments!

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