How To Create A Great Collab Video From Home

Lately, a lot of creators have been making collab videos without actually meeting in person. While unconventional, there are plenty of ways to collab with other creators without either of you needing to travel.

Here are a few ways to create a great collab video from home.

Record your Zoom call.

Lots of people, from coworkers to classmates, have been using Zoom to video chat with each other. Zoom enables you to record your meetings, so you can collab with other creators over video chat. Record your call so you can upload it to your channel.

The cast of Saturday Night Live has been making videos together via Zoom. Their videos have been broadcast on TV as well as uploaded to YouTube. They even created a sketch poking fun at Zoom by using Zoom. Check it out below.

Go live together.

A lot of creators have been going live lately. Instagram Live recently introduced a join feature, making live collabs a breeze. You can even connect with several creators in the same broadcast by scheduling different times for them to join you.

You can save your Instagram Live footage once the stream is over. Then, you can upload the file as a YouTube video. Follow the tutorial below to save your Instagram Live. Then, edit the video file to cut out pauses, add music, etc. Finally, upload it as a regular video.

Film separately and edit your parts together.

Thanks to the power of editing, you don’t even need to connect with another creator in real time to film a collab. You can each film your own parts separately then edit them together into a cohesive video.

The Try Guys have been posting an at-home vlog series in which each member films a different segment on his own. Then, their editors weave the four different videos into a single vlog. It works because all four guys create a segment that falls under the same theme.

You don’t have to be in the same room as another creator to film a great collab. Utilize tools like Zoom, Instagram Live, and editing software to create collabs from anywhere.

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