5 Unique Live Stream Ideas To Entertain Your Audience

Creators are going live now more than ever before. Gone are the days of the occasional YouNow stream. In 2020, creators can choose from YouTube Live, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, Periscope, and a myriad of smaller live streaming apps.

With the huge influx of live streaming platforms, however, comes a huge influx of creators going live. Therefore, you need to work hard to make sure your audience stays tuned into your broadcast.

Here are five unique live stream ideas to entertain your audience.

1. Unleash your inner Rachel Ray and teach your audience a new recipe.

A lot of people use social media not only to share the food they’re enjoying but also to find new recipes to try. That’s why cooking channels are so popular on YouTube. Video tutorials make it fun and easy to cook something new.

Go live with your own cooking recipe. Teach your audience how to cook a dish you’ve made often or something yummy you’ve posted about recently. Tell them the ingredients you’ll be using in the beginning so you can invite them to follow along at home. Then, ask them to post pictures of their creations.

As a bonus, once the stream is over, you can post it to your channel like a regular video. For example, the channel Turkish Food Recipes did a “Cook With Me Live” then posted the video so viewers could watch it back.

2. Go live in the morning for a “Get Ready with Me” in real time.

Many beauty vloggers upload “Get Ready With Me” videos, a popular format since the beauty community first formed on YouTube. In these videos, the creator chats with their audience while they get ready for the day.

A lot of viewers enjoy this kind of video because they can turn it on while they’re getting ready for the day. You can make this experience even more special for your audience by streaming a live version of your morning routine.

On their side channel, the Merrell Twins have broadcasted several “Get Ready With Me” live streams. They were able to chat with their viewers in real time while everyone got ready for the day.

3. Share a storytime that just happened.

Storytimes are another popular video format on YouTube. Creators like Tana Mongeau and Natalia Taylor build their platforms by sharing crazy stories from their lives. Viewers love videos like this because it’s like listening to a friend tell you about the unbelievable thing that happened to them.

Start your next live stream as a spontaneous storytime. When something crazy happens to you or you remember something that would make a good storytime, go live and share the story with your viewers.

4. Guide your viewers through a workout or meditation.

Instructional videos are also extremely popular on YouTube. Viewers often turn to the platform for guidance on fitness and relaxation, hence the popularity of guided workout and meditation videos.

Shake up the instructional video format and do a live version of your favorite workout or meditation. Take on the role of teacher and lead your audience through a session. Fitness vlogger Chloe Ting does live workouts on occasion.

5. Do a live house tour.

Viewers often request house tours from their favorite creators. As someone they spend a lot of time watching, you feel like a good friend to them, so it’s no surprise they want to see where you live.

Why not surprise your viewers with a live house tour? Take your phone on a tour of your house, your work space, or your favorite place in town. For example, the creator in the video below did a live house tour that his audience loved.

Live streams connect you with your audience in real time. Next time you go live, try out one of these five unique ideas to keep your viewers entertained.

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