What Makes A Great Band Manager?

Strong knowledge of the music industry is a given for every band manager. But beyond that, what elements make someone invaluable to your team? Remember these qualities while you search for the “glue” to your band.

Passion For Your Band

Why stand for something you’re not proud of? In order to make great moves, it only makes sense to do it for something you believe in. The manager wants to push your band to great heights, foster creative growth, and effectively pitch you to music affiliates. Reaching your fullest potential won’t happen if they give up at the first sign of failure.

Business Sense

Your number 1 fan can be your manager, as long as they understand the realities of the industry. Up and coming artists can find themselves signing sketchy contracts – not to mention collecting a fraction of their royalties and ineffectively pitching their bands. An awesome manager will know how to negotiate with businesses, while getting the best benefits for your band.

Leadership Skills

Your manager knows how to take charge and should be 5 steps ahead of the game. There are a myriad of stressful tasks involving planning, scheduling, touring, etc. With great leadership skills, a good manager should effectively weave you through the process while facilitating awesome communication.

Balancing Multiple Roles

While you’re first starting out, a band manager will probably be one of the first people you hire. This means they will be largely responsible for social media work, booking gigs, emailing blogs, and everything else a PR team would handle. Well without a PR team, effectively multitasking becomes key for a good manager.

The search for a manager is like a search for a new band member. They’ve got to be good at their job, and they’ve got to love being a part of the crazy ride. Good luck on your search and keep these qualities in mind!

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Kathy Nguyen is a digital artist, aspiring entertainment professional, and lover of live music. You can find her tweeting her playlists, youtube-ing documentaries, and enjoying her favorite mixtape.

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