Easy Ways To Build Audience Engagement

An increase in audience engagement can elevate your videos in the YouTube algorithm. The platform pushes videos that get a lot of engagement because a high level of viewer engagement equals a high level of viewer interest in the algorithm’s eyes. So, the more audience engagement you get, the more viewers the algorithm will show your videos to.

Here are a few easy ways to start building your audience engagement.

End your video with a call-to-action.

Oftentimes, all you need to do to increase your audience engagement is simply ask. A call-to-action can be super effective when it comes to getting more likes, comments, and shares. Before your video reaches its end screen, verbally remind viewers to like the video and leave a comment about why they liked it.

Additionally, you might also ask new or casual viewers to subscribe to your channel. You can also remind subscribers to turn on your post notifications so they don’t miss your next upload. Your call-to-action is also a good time to mention any giveaways on your channel or outside projects you want to promote.

Utilize info cards.

YouTube rewards videos that can keep viewers on the platform longer. You can use the info cards feature to link other videos within a video. These links appear as clickable boxes in the top right corner of a video. Viewers can select the box and watch another video you suggest.

Use your info cards to link similar videos you’ve uploaded. You might also promote your previous upload, a new series, or a popular collab. Make the label clear, and use it to briefly explain why the two videos are related.

Insert polls within your videos.

Polls are a popular way to increase audience engagement on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram stories. If your channel has a community page, you may have utilized the poll feature there as well. Polls are great because they generate data and spark a conversation.

Along with info cards, you can insert polls in your videos. The poll appears as a box on the side of your video at whatever time stamp you set. Use these polls to collect feedback about a new style of video, decide what video to film next, or get a better idea of your audience’s general opinions.

Put clickable elements in your end screen.

Your end screen is more than a place to say goodbye. It’s designed to direct viewers where they should go after watching your videos. You can promote up to four different elements, all of which can be clicked on.

You should use these four elements wisely. You can embed other videos, playlists, other channels, a subscribe button, or outside links. While you could use one of your elements to promote your merch or website, you should focus on keeping viewers on YouTube in order to increase your audience engagement. Link viewers to your previous upload, a playlist of similar videos, and a subscribe button.

YouTube makes it easy to increase your audience engagement with calls-to-action, info cards, polls, and end screens. Utilize these tools to boost your place in the YouTube algorithm.

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