The Tangible Goals Every YouTuber Should Set

Setting goals helps you grow both in your career and as a person. When you have something to aim for, you know which direction to steer yourself in. Your goals motivate you to keep working even when success feels far away.

Here are the goals every YouTuber should set as soon as they upload their first video.

Reach a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time.

Monetization should be the first goal you set for your channel. In order to make YouTube your career, you need to be eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. This is the only way to monetize your videos.

In order to be eligible for monetization, your channel must meet a certain set of criteria. First, you must either be over eighteen or have a guardian who can manage your account. Then, your channel must reach one thousand subscribers. Additionally, you must have four thousand hours of public watch time on your videos.

Once your channel meets the criteria, YouTube will send you an email inviting you to apply for the YouTube Partner Program. You’ll fill out the application so your channel can be reviewed. Then, you can start monetizing your videos.

Earn a YouTube Play Button.

Actors have the Oscars, and singers have the Grammys. YouTubers, on the other hand, have the YouTube Creator Awards. This program awards creators with YouTube Play Buttons for reaching significant subscriber milestones.

You earn your first Play Button when you reach a hundred subscribers, which is considered Graphite level. The first level that earns you a Play Button sent in the mail is the Silver Creator Award, which you can earn for passing a hundred thousand subscribers. The highest level, the Red Diamond Creator Award, is for passing a hundred million subscribers.

Once your channel reaches the level it needs to earn a YouTube Play Button, the platform will review your channel for eligibility. Then, you can check your Creator Studio for a notification about your award within a week. From there, you can submit your shipping information to redeem your new Play Button.

Have your social media profiles verified.

Verification badges make your social media profile stand out from the millions of other profiles on each platform. These coveted check marks are only awarded to the official accounts of celebrities, brands, and public figures.

Having your profiles verified is a hallmark of success in the influencer industry. The rules for each platform vary, and you usually have to register for verification yourself. Generally, your account must be public, and it must represent a real person or registered business. It must also represent someone who is of public interest.

Applying for verification does not guarantee you’ll get that blue check. However, having a verified account can open up a plethora of new opportunities for you. Work on getting your name in the news with viral videos and popular posts. If you have a manager or agent, ask them to get you into more noteworthy events.

Become a featured creator at a convention.

Conventions such as Vidcon and Playlist Live boast long lists of “featured creators,” the big names that draw fans to their events. Being a featured creator puts you onstage in front of hundreds or even thousands of fans as part of panels and live interviews.

More importantly, being a featured creator gives you the opportunity to meet your subscribers in real life. You can connect with them in person at meet-n-greets, panels, and merch tables. You can even schedule your own small event outside the venue in order to meet more fans.

In order to become a featured creator, you need to be popular with both the fan community and the creator community. Conventions invite creators who are a good representation of what YouTube is, such as David Dobrik or the Merrell Twins. Featured creators often represent YouTube to mainstream media, which doesn’t always have a grasp on the world of online video. Therefore, conventions want to feature the creators who will be the best ambassadors for the community at large.

As a YouTuber, you have a lot of worthy goals. The ones above are some of the most common and most tangible things you can work towards. Share your own goals in the comments below!

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