How to Make a Living With Your Music

For the aspiring artist, music is a way of life. However, it also has to be a way to make ends meet. Here’s how to make a living with your music.

1. Expand your talents to dancing and acting.

There are more performance opportunities for musicians who can also dance or act. You can try out for parts in local plays, indie films, or travelling dance companies.

To get started, take acting lessons or watch online dance tutorials.

Check out this video to learn how to get auditions without having an agent.

2. Record music for advertisements, films, and video games.

Recording artists have a lot more opportunities than just a record deal. Work with advertising firms to create jingles. You can also get into composing for film or video games.

This video will teach you more about getting started in film composing.

3. Be a musician-for-hire.

Advertise your services to nearby wedding planners, venue owners, and nonprofit executives. Let them know that the next time they need a musician for an event, you’re only a phone call away.

You can also place an ad in the local paper or on an online classifieds page. Describe your style of music and what instruments you can play.

Watch this video to learn more about landing gigs.

To make a living with your music, you simply have to find as many opportunities as you can to either sell music or perform. Follow these tips to stop dreaming and start earning.

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