Why You Should Make A Trailer For Your Next Album

We live in a time where people want to know what’s going on—and they want to know it now. Since instant info has spoiled the average internet user, you’ve got to be more creative with your promotion game. Album trailers are a cool way musicians can market their projects and satisfy web users everywhere.

So what does an album trailer contain?

Your album trailer should start with a couple basics. Include: your name, album title, a good quality image of your album cover, the dates it’s available, your website(s) URL and 1 or 2 of your preferred tracks. I recommend not letting the video run for more than 30 seconds—remember: people are looking for quick digestible information!

Look into Windows Movie Maker or iMovie to start. There are a number of tutorials out there for the beginner – or novice. The trailer doesn’t have to be out of this world. If you’re tight on time, it can look nice and be totally doable.

Below is a great example of an album trailer by Southern Family.

Do I really need one?

Short-form videos satisfy a quick affinity to looking at clips and pictures. Nowadays, users all over the internet and on all types of social platforms share and watch content on their feed. Therefore, instead of simply posting your album’s release date, post something that is more likely to be clicked on! Another thing to keep in mind is that a visual and audio representation of your band only furthers your musician image (versus plain texts and tweets).

Once you are done with your album trailer, share, share, share! Get on all of your social media accounts and post (but don’t spam) the world on how awesome your next album will be.

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