Singing Techniques for the Lead Vocalist

Unlike the other band members, vocalists don’t have an instrument to strum or hit. Their talent comes from within themselves. To showcase this talent, here are five texture building techniques every singer needs to try.

Use Vocal Fry in Moderation

Vocal fry is basically rattling your voice at low frequency. It may sound harsh and scratchy, but can add a beautiful, edgy timbre. Music teachers advise against using this technique too frequently, because it can damage your vocal cords. Take a look at how pop singers use vocal fry below.

Practice Blending Chest Voice and Head Voice

Chest voice is known as your “speaking” voice, whereas head voice occurs when singing high notes. The key to blending them is to sing your lowest note first. Imagine an elevator rising. Then slowly and comfortably ascend to your highest note – all in one breath. Adele’s powerful and emotional singing style is a perfect example of this technique.

Practice Your Vocal Placement

When using chest voice, isolate the resonance to your chest. However, when using belt or head voice, focus the resonance to the front of your face. Your throat should feel as relaxed as possible. Remember to practice singing with an open and a closed throat to get a feel for the different pitches you can produce.

Exercise Breath Control

This is a very important technique to master, especially if you want to dance around while singing, like Beyonce. First, you’ll want to stand up straight or lay flat on your back. Then, place your hands on your waist. Now exhale slowly, while counting to 5 in your head. Aerobic exercises, like jogging and swimming, will also help.

 Incorporate Melismas/Runs

 Melismas involve singing many different notes within one syllable of the lyrics. While pop and r&b genres favor this technique, rock usually doesn’t.

To practice, first focus on the main note of the syllable. Using a piano will help you find other notes in the same scale. Blend these pitches together slowly and steadily. Then, practice getting faster. The amount of melisma builds throughout the a song.

Like all other instruments, great singing requires a ton of technical practice. Practice these tips and discover the amazing things your voice can do.

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