What Makes Joriki A Powerful Brand

Joriki is a unique yoga apparel company. The marketing geniuses behind Joriki are redefining athletic wear.

Here is what makes Joriki a powerful brand.

1. The brand’s name embodies an ancient philosophy.

Joriki is the strong, individual power that arises when one’s mind unifies in Zazen concentration. This ancient philosophy empowers Joriki’s customers, making the clothing more of a lifestyle.

Watch a pair of friends reconnect over their yoga apparel in this Joriki promotional video.

2. A portion of the proceeds benefit impoverished women.

Joriki’s unique yoga apparel is inspired by women artisans in impoverished nations all across the globe. In keeping with the philosophy that the company was founded upon, Joriki donates a portion of its proceeds to the very women who inspire its creators.

Learn a little more about the artisans who inspire Joriki below.

3. They advertise with dance remakes instead of ordinary commercials.

When it comes to advertising, Joriki thinks outside of the box. The company shows off its gorgeous apparel in dance-centric videos.

One of Joriki’s most beautiful videos is this La La Land remake.

Not only is Joriki redefining yoga apparel, but the company is also redefining advertisement. Each purchase helps change the world little at a time.

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