How To Collab With Creators From Different Niches

When you and another vlogger create the same style of content, making a video together is easy. However, when you get together with creators whose content is vastly different, coming up with a video idea can be a bit more challenging. By thinking outside of the box, you can create an engaging collab that both audiences will adore.

Here’s how to collab with creators from different niches.

1. Showcase your skills in a way that appeals to your collab partner’s audience.

Oftentimes, vloggers who collaborate film two videos together, one for each channel. For the video that will go on your channel, come up with a way to showcase your skills in a way that appeals to your collab partner’s audience.

Mykie, the creator behind Glam & Gore, is a special effects makeup artist. She collabed with Cristine from Simply Nailogical, whose love of holographic nail polish is part of her personal branding. By turning Cristine into a “holo zombie” with special effects makeup, Mykie created a video that appealed to both of their audiences.

2. Let your collab partner try his or her hand at your job.

Your subscribers know your content well. However, your collab partner’s audience may not be very familiar with what you do on your channel. Introduce them to your content by letting your collab partner try their hand at your job.

James Charles is a makeup artist. However, his friends the Dolan Twins are far from being beauty gurus. So, when the three of them collabed, James had the Ethan and Grayson do his makeup.

3. Learn something new from your collab partner.

Just like your collab partner’s audience may not be familiar with your content, your viewers may not be familiar with his or hers. Help your audience get to know a new creator by letting your collab partner teach you about what he or she does.

Cristine from Simply Nailogical knows a lot about nail art, but she wanted to learn more about makeup. So, she collabed with several beauty gurus on her “Teach Me How To Beauty Tour” series.

Collab videos help promote both channels involved to new viewers. When working with vloggers from other niches, you’ll have to think outside of the box to create videos both audiences will love.

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