3 Ideas For Video Series Your Viewers Will Love

Video series entice your viewers to keep checking your channel for updates. After watching the first episode, they’ll be invested in the series and want to watch the rest. However, in order to get them to keep watching, you have to come up with a video series your viewers can be excited about.

Here are three ideas for video series your viewers will love.

1. Pick up a new hobby.

Many viewers have picked up hobbies based on their favorite creators’ interests. They can easily go to YouTube to learn about everything from makeup to video games from the experts. However, it’s not often your viewers get to learn alongside you. Try picking up a new hobby on camera so you can all start from square one together.

Musician Dodie Clark has inspired many of her subscribers to learn the ukulele. Now, she’s learning cello and sharing her progress with her audience.

2. Create an interactive adventure.

By linking several videos together, you can create an interactive adventure for your viewers. This series can be uploaded over the course of several weeks or all at once. The project will take a lot of planning, but the end results will be impressive.

Vlogger Evan Edinger created an interactive video adventure for Valentine’s Day. Learn all about how he put it together in this post.

3. Make a Let’s Play with a twist.

Thanks to creators such as Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye, Let’s Plays are among the most popular content on YouTube. By showing their viewers how to play certain video games, these vloggers get millions upon millions of views. You can tap into the popularity of Let’s Plays even if you’re not a gamer. Figure out a way to give your Let’s Play a twist, even if it’s something like “Makeup Artist Plays Fortnite For The First Time.”

Author and vlogger John Green isn’t usually very interested in playing video games. However, with the help of his friend’s sons, he decided to play Fortnite as a pacifist.

Video series are great for improving watch time as well as viewer loyalty. Try one of these ideas to start a video series your viewers will love.

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