What Every Vlogger Should Know About Channel Memberships

Many vloggers use subscription-based crowdfunding platforms such as Patreon to support their content creation. However, creating extra content for these campaigns can easily distract a vlogger from the very YouTube channel it’s supposed to be supporting.

Many vloggers continue to look for ways to support their YouTube channels without posting content elsewhere. In response to the way its monetization policy changes affected many smaller channels, YouTube itself is introducing its own service that allows viewers to support their favorite creators on a monthly basis.

Here’s what every vlogger should know about Channel Memberships.

1. Viewers can pay a flat monthly fee to receive exclusive rewards from YouTube.

Each viewer who wishes to sponsor your channel will be charged $4.99 monthly. These viewers will get new emojis and unique badges. They’ll also be granted access to exclusive posts on your channel’s community tab.

Listen to vlogger and VidCon co-founder Hank Green discuss his thoughts on YouTube’s new Channel Memberships.

2. The creators can provide unique rewards as well.

Like Patreon, Channel Memberships will also give creators the option to create their own reward levels for sponsors. You can offer them everything from exclusive live streams and videos to special shoutouts.

You can get ideas for reward levels to set from videos such as this one.

3. Channel Memberships have already proven successful for several creators.

Before launching Channel Memberships, YouTube introduced this feature as Sponsorships. It was only made available to a select group of creators as a test program before being rolled out to a larger percentage of the YouTube community.

According to the official YouTube blog, many of these creators have found success with the new feature. For example, comedian Mike Falzone’s YouTube revenue has more than tripled, and travel vloggers Simon and Maria have fostered a stronger sense of community around their channel.

4. Only certain channels will be eligible for Channel Memberships.

As of now, only channels with more than 100,000 subscribers will be eligible for Channel Memberships. However, YouTube hopes that, in the coming months, the feature will be made available to even more creators.

You can learn more about how Channel Memberships will work by watching videos about the Sponsor button.

The way vloggers make money on YouTube is changing as the platform continues to evolve. Start making plans to utilize the Channel Memberships feature soon.

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