Business Advice For Musicians

There are tons of resources out there helping you sing, pass auditions, and tune a guitar. But if you’re planning to make a living with music, there are a couple things you should note. Get thinking in the business sense by following this helpful guide.

Make Short Term Goals: To reach your goal, you’ll need to go step by step. If your goal is to play in New York City, try to get gigs in all surrounding cities. If you want a huge fan base, get 10 people to like your Facebook page every week.

Set Up A Mailing List: All professional musicians have a mailing list and you should too. Many people might only use one or two social media sites, but almost everyone has an email. Make sure email campaigns play a huge part in your marketing goals.

Do Your Taxes: If music is your career and not just a hobby, treat it as such. Keep records, business cards, and copyright your music. Fill out the necessary forms and look into what is considered tax deductible. Take your job seriously and treat it like a business.

Learn to Self-Manage: There are crooks taking advantage of naïve musicians all the time. Don’t rely on hiring someone to run your career. Learn the in’s and out’s of every major label and connection you want to work with. Doing the proper research will steer you in the right direction.

Learning how to sing isn’t the same as becoming a singer. Achieving a career in music is possible if you’ve got the right business sense.

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Kathy Nguyen is a digital artist, aspiring entertainment professional, and lover of live music. You can find her tweeting her playlists, youtube-ing documentaries, and getting lost in your neighborhood.

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