5 Ways You Should Be Interacting With Your Audience

As a vlogger, interacting with your audience is one of the best parts of the job. Not only does it keep you connected with the people who support you, but it also increases their brand loyalty to your channel. Social media, of course, is the best place to stay in touch with your viewers.

Here are five ways you should be interacting with your audience online.

1. Reply to early comments on your YouTube videos.

Viewers are a lot more likely to watch a new video as soon as it’s uploaded if they know there’s a chance you might reply to their early comments. After posting a new video, stick around for a few minutes to like and respond to comments.

Wengie encourages her viewers to leave early comments in order to be a part of her “#wengieficationsquad.”

2. Respond to their tweets throughout the day.

Try to spend a few minutes throughout the day responding to tweets from your viewers. Stagger the times you reply so that you get to interact with fans who live in different time zones. Your reply will probably be the highlight of their day.

Mykie, the creator behind Glam&Gore, replies to as many tweets from fans as she can throughout the day.

3. Set aside time every week for a live stream.

YouTube Live makes it easy to connect with your audience in real time. Live streaming works like Skyping a friend, only instead of one person, it’s a few thousand! Viewers love live streams because it means their favorite creator set aside time just to hang out with them.

Follow this tutorial to start streaming on YouTube Live right from your phone.

4. Keep them up-to-date through your Instagram story.

Instagram stories allow your followers to see what you’re up to throughout the day. The feature offers a lot of great ways to interact with your audience, including polls and question stickers.

This video will teach you a few helpful tricks for creating engaging Instagram stories.

5. Send DMs to thank especially active fans for their support.

When you have fans who go above and beyond with their support, send them a direct message to say thank you. They might share a screenshot, encouraging other followers to interact with you more in hopes of receiving a DM of their own.

Vlogger Jessie Paege often DMs fans who help her promote new videos.

Interacting with your audience strengthens the bond you have with each other. Utilize every social media feature you can to engage with them a little every day.

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