The Best Apps For Making Music

Today’s technology provides a never-ending stream of resources for musicians of every level. If you’re always on the hunt for new music apps, we’ve categorized some of the best on the market.

Disclaimer: This list may contain programs that have alternative (and better) computer software versions.


GarageBand [GarageBand]

The following production apps were designed to act as all-inclusive studios. This means you have a huge variety of software instruments, drumming presets, compression and visual EQ capabilities – as well as easy to learn lesson plans. However, not all programs are created equally. Some of these apps are better suited for mobile (Nano Studio) while others work great on your computer (GarageBand).

Fl Studio Mobile HD (iOS, Android) $19.99

Caustic 3(iOS, Android) $9.99

Nano Studio(iOS) $6.99

GarageBand(iOS)  $ 4.99


guitar tuner[Guitar Tuner Free]

Since you’re likely to bring your phone everywhere, it’s nice that there are so many useful things – besides browsing the web – that you can use it for. With tuners and tempo keepers like gStrings and Metronome, all you’ll need for an impromptu practice session is your guitar and your phone. Be sure to check out these simple but effective music tools.

Guitar Tuner Free (iOS, Android) Free

Tuner- gStrings (Android) Free

Tempo (iOS) $2.99

Metronome Beats (Android) Free

On the go

screen568x568 (1) screen568x568 (2) [iMaschine]

For the musical genius who finds his inspiration on the subway and not the studio, we’ve got the app for you. Whether you’re a singer (Wav Recorder), songwriter (ChordBot), or producer (iMaschine), the following apps will allow you to make, record, or play anything your mind comes up with – on the go. Perfect if you can save the fancy for the studio.

ChordBot Pro  (Android) $5.00

iMaschine (iOS) $4.99

Wav Recorder (Android) Free

ChordBot Lite (Android) Free

Walkband (Android) Free


rszguitarguitar2[Songster Guitar Tabs]

Learn new songs or review your piano/guitar lessons with Yousician and Songster Guitar Tabs. These apps are especially great for beginners.

Songster Guitar Tabs (Android) $4.99

Yousician (iOS and Android) Free

Songster Guitar Tabs (iOS) Free



For you synth-obsessed producers, or those who just want to add a little ambience to your songs – we’ve got you covered. Especially notable on this list is Moog Animoog, winner of the 28th annual TEC award for Audio Apps Technology For Smartphones and Tablets.

Moog Animoog (iOS) $24.99

iMini Synthesizer(iOS) $9.99

Oscilab Pro(iOS, Android) $9.99

Oscilab Groove (iOS, Android) Free

Both beginners and experts love most of these programs. Of course there are no perfect apps. With this list we hope you find the one that suits your skills, needs, and budget.

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