How to Hype Up an Upcoming Concert

New musicians need to generate as much buzz as possible for every show to attract concert-goers and convert them into fans. Here are some effective marketing strategies to use next time you’re hyping up a gig.

1) Use Pandora Radio and Last.FM to create hype stations and playlists before each event. This will help psych your audience up about your sounds and other music from the same genre and get them in the mood and spreading the word around about your show.

2) Place your posters, billboards, and flyers around local commercial centers to spread awareness about your upcoming shows. All of these strategies will turn necks and make potential fans curious to hear what you’re all about.

3) Use ticket raffles and other contests to give away prizes like free tickets, backstage passes, merchandise, and music. Giveaways are a low cost way to drive up ticket sales and give potential fans more reason to come to your concerts.

4) Book meet-and-greets prior to your concert to generate media coverage, meet fans, and sell tickets face to face. Being warm and getting out into the public eye, socializing, and talking about your music will always pay off in sales and increased audience turnout.

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