Band Etiquette: How To Be A Good Bandmate

Being in a band can be an amazing experience. You get to share some of your most memorable moments with your band. However, it isn’t all fun and games. One member’s actions affect everyone. Here are 4 simple rules to follow if you’re in a band.

Always Come Prepared: Do what is asked of you. If you have parts to learn, practice beforehand. Don’t come in unprepared. Also, be sure to bring all the necessary equipment. If you’re a guitar player, don’t show up without a guitar.

Always Lend A Helping Hand: Even if you’re not asked to, always be willing to help. Whether it’s loading instruments to the bus or setting up the stage before a performance, make sure you help in any way that you can.

Always Conduct Yourself Professionally: When the music stops, carry yourself with professionalism. Don’t forget that music is a business. When your talking to venue owners, managers, or fans, be aware of how you act. You don’t want to burn bridges because of how you carry yourself.

Always Be Willing To Work Hard: You have to be to put in the work. No one said being in a band was going to be easy. There may be nights when you’re up until 2 AM rehearsing, but you have to be willing to put in the necessary effort. No matter what the task, always give it 110%.

Being in a band is a team effort. One member’s actions can either positively or negatively affect the whole band.

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Luis Valle is an aspiring journalist. His passions include music, fashion, food, and collecting sneakers. He also enjoys traveling and exploring different parts of the world. The motto he lives by is this: “You only live once but if you do it right, once is enough”

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