Ro Bradley – Producer, Actor, Music Entrepreneur

Rowan Clarke, better known by his name Ro Bradley, is a 23-year-old record producer, actor, and music entrepreneur. Rowan developed a love for electronic dance music and music production during his university years, while living and working in Hong Kong and the Philippines. In 2012 while filming the Philippines TV show R’walk, he learned to produce music under the alias Rowan Bradley – Bradley being his middle name.

In 2013, Rowan moved to Toronto, Canada to pursue a record deal and work as a producer. During his time there, he learned the business side of the music industry inspiring him to create his own record label, Deadrootz Records. The company now currently operates out of central London as a high-end recording studio and record label.

How He Got Started:

At 15 years old, Rowan started playing the guitar. He spent most of his teen years playing in unsuccessful bands. The hard work made Rowan realize that he felt more like a composer. In 2011, he met a producer Techno Curse in the Philippines. Techno Curse taught Rowan laptop production (FL Studios). He hasn’t looked back since.

Ro Bradley Advice For Up and Coming Artists:

Never give up. If music is your dream give yourself the time to develop and learn, whether it takes you a year or 10. Most people give up just before they are about to make it. Remember, David Guetta is 47.

If I could give advice to myself 2 years ago when I started, I would say get involved and learn as much as you can about the business and economic side of music. Try and understand how and why the people you look up to are where they are now and how they got there. Be a bit of a detective. Also, learn a bit of music theory – if I could do it differently this is the first thing I would have learned.

Look for labels/managers/artists that release music specifically to your genre. Don’t just endlessly submit tracks. Submit them to specific labels where they will be relevant. Make yourself a brand and try to connect with people organically. Even if one person likes your music, make them feel valued. Try and connect with the local music community, even if that just means asking someone for feedback on your track. Everyone in music has learned something different from his or her journey. Take all advice, good and bad, and use it to improve yourself.

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