Arrow Music Agency Is Setting The New Standard Of Artist Management

Since its establishment in 2007, Arrow Music Agency has been expanding the business model of how stars are made. Representing artists such as Caitline Deville and Red Money, Arrow Music Agency was built upon the founder’s vision of creating a dynamic business model that would attract the best artists.

Here are five reasons that Arrow Music Agency is setting the new standard of artist management.

1. It’s based in three key cities.

Rather than settling itself in just Hollywood or New York, Arrow Music Agency established divisions in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Seattle. This allows the agency to reach artists on either coast. An aspiring pop star doesn’t have to leave Washington just yet, and a soon-to-be country superstar can stay right at home in Nashville.

Check out this music video by their California-based client Pacific Coast Highway.

2. It focuses on four popular genres.

Arrow Music Agency caters to pop, rock, country, and EDM artists. By focusing on these four popular genres, the agency is better equipped to connect its clients with the right people. A rapper wouldn’t gain anything from performing at a quiet Nashville cafe, nor would a country artist benefit from trying to work with hip hop writers.

Check out this video by EDM client Beauty In The Breakdown.

3. It’s dedicated to its principles.

All too often, artists get caught up with untrustworthy or manipulative professionals in the music industry. Arrow Music Industry, however, believes in the principles of hard work, dedication, and loyalty. It aims to carry out a personalized business plan for each artist with the highest standards of professional and personal ethics.

4. It incorporates marketing into its business plan.

Arrow Music Agency’s standalone division +Spark Music Marketing offers music marketing and promotion services to artists, record labels, PR firms, management agencies, sponsor companies, and booking agencies. It integrates social media, digital platforms, radio, video, print, tours, interviews, and more.

Check out this testimonial about how Arrow Music Agency found marketing success with Promolta.

5. It utilizes the 360 Model.

Arrow Music Agency developed its own Arrow Artist Management 360 Model to incorporate every aspect of the artist’s success. This unique model tracks and works on every aspect of the business, including income, public relations, and marketing.

Artists such as electric violinist Caitline DeVille have found success with the 360 model.

Arrow Music Agency’s unique business model and its strong set of standards make it a driving force in the business side of the music industry.

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