A Beginner’s Guide To SEO

When it comes to online promotion, Search Engine Optimization is the name of the game. The Internet is overflowing with tips and how-to’s. However, wading through the plethora of SEO guides can be overwhelming for content creators who are just beginning to learn about SEO. Here are the first five simple steps that you should take to maximize your channel’s SEO.

1. Find your keywords.

What do people search for that might lead them to your video? Search for keywords in your niche. Try to determine which ones get the most results. For example, “acoustic covers” is going to be searched for more than “songs played on Taylor T5z Classic.” Google Adwords is an online tool that can help you plan your keywords.

2. Use keywords in your title.

Video titles should include keywords without being overly stuffed with them. As a general rule of thumb, titles should be kept to around five words. Starting the title with a keyword is even better. Going back to the example of the acoustic guitar video, a good title could be “Acoustic Cover Shake It Off” or “Shake It Off Taylor Swift Acoustic Cover.”

3. Write a keyword-rich description.

The video description is the next place that the search engine is going to pull from. Include your main keyword in the first sentence of your description. In a long description, include the word at least three times. However, be sure to use the keywords in a logical way. Don’t try to force keywords into your description just for the sake of having them there. Read the description on Emily Jane’s cover of “Shake It Off” to get a good idea of how keywords can be written in a way that sounds natural.

4. Make your video long.

Longer videos rank higher on Google’s search results. For example, if you Google search “acoustic cover Shake It Off,” then three of the top five results are YouTube videos that are about four minutes in length.

5. Use keywords in your file name.

The name of the uploaded file name is another place that Google searches for keywords. Put your keywords in the name of the video file before you upload it to YouTube. For the example video, Carson Lueder’s file name might be “acoustic_cover_shake_it_off_taylor_swift.mp4.”

By learning how to work with SEO, you can increase the viewership of your videos. When someone is searching for a keyword, make sure that your video is what they find.

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