All The New Creator Studio Features You Need To Know About

Because YouTube is constantly growing, the platform is constantly adapting and innovating to keep up with demands from viewers and creators alike. The Creator Studio is one of the most recent changes that streamlined the upload process for creators like yourself.

Still, more and better changes are coming to the Creator Studio. In their latest video, the Video Creators channel explored several of those new features. To find out about the most important ones, keep reading below.

Changes to the video editor will make adding info cards easier.

According to the YouTube employee Video Creators talked to, improving the platform’s video editor is one of YouTube’s biggest priorities for this year. Incoming changes should make it easier to add things like info cards, captions, and end screens.

Not only will these changes make it easier to make your videos accessible, but they’ll also help you improve your watch time. Info cards and end screens can get viewers to stay on your channel longer by offering a related video to watch next.

The upload process will be streamlined for monetized channels.

Currently, many creators whose channels are monetized choose to upload their videos as unlisted before making them public, allowing them to be checked for monetization eligibility first. However, YouTube plans to streamline video upload process, mainly for monetized creators.

Video quality will also be improved in the incoming updates. Soon, when you upload a video in 4K, it should go live in 4K after being processed instead of being put in 360p automatically.

Comment management will help you connect with your most loyal viewers.

With thousands of videos receiving thousands of comments, YouTube has long struggled with helping creators manage them. In the coming year, they hope to provide creators with more tools to manage their video comments.

For example, YouTube is considering ways to help creators know which comments they should reply to first, such as showing comments from longtime subscribers or especially active viewers at the top.

Important YouTube news will go straight to your dashboard.

In order to keep creators in the loop about important updates and policy changes, YouTube plans to post its own news directly to your dashboard. Instead of having to go to the creator blog or search for answers on Twitter, you’ll have all the important YouTube news you need to know at your fingertips.

YouTube also plans to share videos from one of its own channels, Creator Insiders, to your dashboard as well. These helpful videos will prevent you from having to dig for answers about how other new features work.

YouTube would be nothing without creators like you, so it’s only fitting that they’d be rolling out so many new features to help you. There’s a lot to look forward to as a creator in 2019.

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