How To Turn Casual Viewers Into Super Fans

As an online creator, your success largely relies on the strength of your fans’ dedication. The more supporters you have, the more followers, views, and sales you get as well. However, the level of a fan’s dedication isn’t based solely on how much they like your content. More than a casual viewer, a super fan cares about you because they feel as if you care about them.

Here’s how to turn even the most casual viewer into a super fan.

Engagement, engagement, engagement!

When you make a new friend, how do you keep that friendship? You stay in contact, of course. If you never talk to someone or spend time with them, then you probably won’t be friends for very long

Your relationship with your fans works in much the same way. If you’re not engaging with them outside of a weekly video, then your content won’t mean much more to them than a way to waste ten minutes.

Therefore, it’s extremely important that you engage with your online audience as much as possible. Respond to video comments, social media replies, and DMs. Take it a step further by following back especially active fans.

One of the best ways to engage with your fans is going live. Using YouTube Live, hold a live stream at least once every week or two. Chat and catch up with your fans in a way that’s more casual and unscripted than a typical video.

Make highly requested videos, no matter how offbeat the idea is.

To make sure your viewers know you’re listening to them, make the videos they request the most. Even if the video they want doesn’t exactly fit with your content style, you should still make the video because it will make your audience happy. For example, if you’re a beauty vlogger but your viewers want a house tour, you could make the house tour as an extra video in addition to your typical weekly upload.

Jenna Marbles has grown her channel immensely simply by making the videos her viewers ask to see. Recently, she uploaded a tour of her house plants just because her fans kept asking for it.

Involve them in your videos as much as possible.

Giving your viewers the videos they ask for is great, but getting them involved in making a video is even better. Anytime you can ask for viewer submissions, such as the popular “Reacting To Your Assumptions About Me” challenge, will make for a video your fans love.

To collect viewer submissions, use Twitter, the Instagram story question-and-answer feature, or your YouTube community tab. You can make a poll to drive the decisions or use replies to ask for specific questions, artwork, etc.

The majority of Jacksfilms’ videos are based on viewer submissions. For his popular YIAY series, he asks viewer to submit answers through Twitter replies and YouTube comments.

Most importantly, focus on building a strong relationship with them.

If you look at the most popular vloggers or celebrities, you can see that their fans are often the most supportive and the most active. They create their own artwork, stories, theories, and memes based on the content their favorite creators provide.

You can build this kind of relationship with your viewers by both giving them plenty of content and supporting what they do with it. Encourage their creativity and thank them for their support.

Also, focus on establishing trust with your audience. Put them first in any career decisions you make. For more advice on building a strong relationship with your viewers, be sure to read this post.

One of the strongest and most well-known fan and vlogger relationships is between Dan and Phil and their viewers. They’ve built this strong relationship by providing original content, encouraging their fans’ creativity, and connecting with them in real life.

Turning a casual viewer into a super fan is all about making that personal connection. Make them an important part of your life, and soon you’ll be an important part of theirs.

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